About Us

Copper has been long celebrated and used for natural healing, spiritual rituals, and adornment as far back as 8700 b.c. and it is still a leading metal today.

We bring handcrafted pieces that were designed with the highest functionality and style in mind.

The pieces offered are no more than 2 of a kind, other than our standard cages and wands which can be replicated as needed.

We do offer crystal wrapping services, so feel free to mail us your crystals and we will wrap them carefully and to your liking and safely return them for your use.

You can find the shop on Instagram: @thecopperguild

You can find the owner SkyRose on Instagram: @CoachSkyRose

SkyRose is an enrolled member of the Creek Indian Nation of South Carolina, but born of Shinnecock (father) and Lakota Sioux (mother) Heritage. Supporting this shop would help support a Native, US Navy Veteran, Woman Owned Business, and would mean the world to my family!